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Auten Realty LLC
Keith R. Auten
Direct (214) 343-9754   Mobile (214) 734-8002   

AutenRealty.com Asset Dispositions Every real estate transaction is different, especially those involving a distressed asset. Today, with the constantly shifting complexities of the marketplace, an agile and flexible approach to asset dispositions is required. We handle each sales assignment as a unique opportunity to explore and overcome any challenges or obstacles that an asset might present. Our disposition process is always customized to meet the expectations of the owner and the marketplace.

We begin the sales assignment by determining the specific objectives of the property owner. Then we gather the due diligence and marketing information required to develop the possible disposition scenarios.

Once this step is complete, a determination of property value is generated via a “Broker’s Opinion of Value”. This process involves both an income approach, utilizing sophisticated cash flow modeling, and a sales comparable approach. This valuation, coupled with a SWOT analysis, to identify the assets’ strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, permits the development of the list price and positive selling points of the asset.

Next, we review the disposition scenarios with the owner to determine a listing price that would provide the best outcome for the owner within the constraints of the marketplace. Once we have an agreed upon the list price, a customized property-specific marketing plan is developed (Sample Marketing Plan). With these two milestones completed, an exclusive listing agreement is executed and we begin to implement and manage the agreed-upon plan of action.

In preparation for the property rollout, the various marketing materials, both digital and print, must be created. The marketing materials include:

• Offering Memorandum, flyers, email templates, etc Sample Offering Memorandum
• A property website Sample Property Website
• A deal room, or document vault, to securely track and manage prospect’s access to marketing and due diligence documents online.
• A short video giving a sense of the asset and the surrounding area Sample Property Video

Once the marketing materials are finalized and approved by the owner, we can bring the asset to market. This is not a “set and forget” process, but an evolving process that will be updated to reflect any changes in property, the market, and the financials or occupancy rate.

The market rollout includes:
• Contact owners of nearby properties
• Contact investors who recently purchased similar assets
• Email to investor database
• Email to broker community
• List on MLS. Loopnet, Costar, etc. We believe the more investors who know the asset is available for sale, the greater the chance of a successful closing
• Include the asset in social media updates
• Launch any other media advertisements
• Conduct property tours for potential investors and other brokers
• Phone/email/drip marketing to prospects that have expressed interest in the asset

We believe that transparency and accountability are paramount to our clients. During the disposition cycle we provide weekly updates to the owner. The owner update is intended to provide a synopsis of how the market is responding to the marketing plan. This can be done via a phone call or an email based on the owner’s preference.

The owner update includes:
• A summary of new prospects that have express interest via phone or email
• Marketing action steps accomplished since the last update
• Property tour feedback, whether flattering or not
• A ongoing compilation of all offers or letters of interest

If you have an asset to sell, we can assist you, please contact us now.


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